You want to ensure that your small pet enjoys best, most species appropriate quality of life. And this includes the food you feed it. Vilmie pet food provides your small pet with a balanced, species appropriate complete meal. And not only is it healthy, it also has a great taste. 

Vilmie Dwarf Rabbit Feed is a traditional feed at great price. Made from tasty, quality seeds and pellets, it meets your long-eared pet’s nutritional needs and also helps with dental abrasion.

Vilmie Guinea Pig Feed is a varied, complete food for guinea pigs. It is sugar-free and enriched with vital vitamin C. Guinea pigs cannot produce this vitamin so it is important that their diet contains plenty of vitamin C. This tasty food is also enriched with lots of vitamins and minerals and it is completely free from sugar and artificial aroma additives. 

Vilmie Premium Rat Food is a complete, species appropriate food for your pet rat. It contains all the important minerals and vitamins your pet needs, as well as lots of animal protein and tasty fruit. It also has the correct amount of fat to keep your pet fit and active. Vilmie complete rat food tastes delicious and is made without added sugar or artificial aromas. 

Vilmie Mountain Meadow Hay is a delicious addition to your pet’s diet. It contains plenty of healthy, leafy plants and herbs which are packed full of vital vitamins and nutrients. Fresh hay has a high fibre content which helps to keep your small pet’s digestive system healthy and the abrasive effect helps to keep your pet’s teeth short. 

Vilmie provides your pet with wholesome, balanced nutrition at a great price.